What is Fashion

Well, that’s a very good question to start things off with! I bet if you asked any random selection of people on the street that question, they would all have their own ideas, as to what fashion means to them. Most, of course would have the generalized idea of it being about the overriding opinions and pronunciations of experts and authorities as to what is right, proper and good to wear – at the moment. That generalized view, of course, has a lot of truth to it, but fashion is really more than that; more than just a few so called “experts” issuing edicts from on high as to what everyone else should think. Obviously it does have a lot to do with what is right, proper and good to wear – at the moment; but that last phrase, “at the moment,” is a very important one in regard to having a deeper appreciation of what fashion is all about.As regards the Dictionary definitions for fashion, the usual given are: 1. The current and prevailing custom or style, as in behavior or dress: My father had old fashioned ideas about courting a girl. 2. Something, such as a garment or accessory, that is in the contemporary mode: Her hats were always of the latest fashion. 3. The characteristic style of the social elite: A woman of fashion.Each of these definitions are correct, but all are affected by one of the most important factors there is in the whole subject of fashion; and that is “Time.” Everything changes over time! To any young person alive in the here and now and eagerly taking up the fashion challenges of their “modern age” is, believe it or not, in the exact same position as some ancient Egyptian wedding guest, or a roman senator’s daughter attending a banquet, or the son a medieval nobleman visiting France for the first time, and so on. Each of these had to choose what was right, proper and good to wear. In some ages, the choices were a lot less than they are now; often the choices were strictly pre-ordained, but still, whatever the age, there still ruled the concept of fashion and what was fashionable – at the moment! The Fashion industry will now never ever lose the fantastic ground it’s made over the recent centuries, and especially over the last 100 years! There are just too many people from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities, who are now “in the know” and so “spoilt” for life, with the grand array and constant parade of styles and “looks” of Modern Fashion that are on offer every year! Fashion for the Modern Woman is here to stay!
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