Hollywood for Fashion Styles and Fashion Icons

Published on : 12 April 20202 min reading time

When it comes to finding out what is considered the latest Hot Fashions and up to the minute trends in Fashion, then one of the quickest and easiest
ways is to check out what’s happening in Hollywood and the land of the lovely in L.A.! All one needs to do is pick up a monthly periodical magazine, of
which there are many, all with the Hollywood big names and celeb’s on the cover? Yes, Hollywood is still the leading lady in the newest trends and
fashions. Of course, there are always those Hollywood celebrities who strut about in really terrible outfits, and styles that clearly do not either suit
them or properly symbolize the normal woman’s Fashion Dream Fantasy, but these are the minority. Looking good is the business and being beautiful is
box-ffice gold!

Every geographical area has it’s dream factory, silver screen centre of worship. In India there is the huge “Bollywood” machine and the massive
Fashion Market that this helps feed and maintain as an ever growing market, with it’s own magazines and media cirxcus entourages! Hollywood was first
though, putting the great Fashion Icons up there as recognisable fantasy figures for millions of people across the globe. People such as Greta Garbot, Rita
Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, etc, etc. These are just a few that come to mind. Each in their time and in their turn was a great fashion
Icon, and was emulated by millions of woman all over the world.

The “Rachel” haircut, Pearl lipstick, The poodle cut, Signature perfumes,Thick eyebrows; Many hair, makeup and style trends were launched by
Hollywood fashion icons. Celebrity styles definitely impact society at large. Without warning, a teenager lops off her ponytail for a short curly hair style
or drastically shaved eyebrows are suddenly allowed to grow naturally. Pearl lipstick takes over the traditional red shades almost overnight. These and
many other fashion trends have all happened at different times but the affected women didn’t need to attend a fashion design class to learn about
them. They simply watched T.V. or they went to the Movies. Media influence is an all important factor in today’s Society and Hollywood retains the crown
as the Queen of them all!

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