Fashion Styles from around the World to Match your Mood and Life’s Occassions!

In order to build a wide ranging and varied Fashion wardrobe, you should always keep a “global” eye on what’s happening in different countries as regards their different Fashion styles and trends.You can use different Fashion styles to either match or create the mood you want to convey. If you’re in a serious and sombre frame of mind then obviously it is usual to dress with dark tones, as well as the “sombre” shades of grey and black. Also using sharp lines, plain styled suit outfits, with or without waistcoats, pleating and understated lapels. As the Fashion you create depends on your mood and situations you will of course dress as suits the occasion. In the happier moments of life such as a party or a wedding, most people love to wear bright and stylish clothes, as opposed to the sad occasions in life where people mostly dress with plain and black dresses and outfits, depending on their cultural heritage and region. In some countries, you find this reversed, where happy occasions such as weddings, the acceptable dress is more formal and restrained whereas for a funeral people go bananas and dress up in outlandish costumes. The ever popular Fashion Shows are also playing an important part in spreading fashion styles of course, so what one wears for different moods and occasions does get influenced from these, as the years go by. Fashion Shows play a very important part in spreading the culture and fashion styles of one area into other geographical regions and influencing other cultures and sometimes getting these Fashions to go “mainstream” as well. Through fashion shows people get to know about the latest fashions from different cultures. It is a very good and rewarding practice to use the internet, as well as Magazine and T.V media, to check out the latest trends from around the world. Don’t get stuck in the mud, and always opt for the usual and the traditional garb for the various occasions in your life. Sometimes it’s fun to be different and maybe even start your own new trends. Maybe pink could be the next funeral color, and green should always be worn for weddings – who knows?
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