robes de mariée

Which kind of fabric is often used for bridal gowns?

The most popular bridal fabrics is satin. It is a smooth, glossy fabric with a bit of a sheen to it. It is often used for special occasion gowns because it looks very elegant and luxurious. What material is used…

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Buy sapphire lithotherapy jewellery online

Sapphires are a precious gemstone that originates from the corundum mineral. The stones are famous for their unique blue colour, though they might come in a wide range of colours as well. These stones have an exciting history, but that…

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Women's fashion

Women’s fashion: which brand to choose?

When it comes to shopping for shirts & tops, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want something that looks good, but that also holds up to regular use. Often, women find that wearing shirts from a…

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Famous designer

How the fashion industry is changing at a swift pace

Sometimes it seems like the fashions change overnight. You just got the latest trendy pair of trousers or dress and now something else is the hot new thing. Why can’t things just stay the same for a while?

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Dress For Success & Fashion for Passion

As Human Beings, we are always looking at ourselves through the eyes of others, or at least attempting to do so, in order to carry off the ideal image that we wish others to have of us. This however, can…

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Trends AW10

Excitement has been building due to the New Trends now hitting the Designer stores and High-streets. With all the different choices and styles that the trends have to offer, you will have a fun time playing with different looks and…

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Fashion Styles from around the World to Match your Mood and Life’s Occassions!

In order to build a wide ranging and varied Fashion wardrobe, you should always keep a “global” eye on what’s happening in different countries as regards their different Fashion styles and trends.You can use different Fashion styles to either match…

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Hollywood for Fashion Styles and Fashion Icons

When it comes to finding out what is considered the latest Hot Fashions and up to the minute trends in Fashion, then one of the quickest and easiest ways is to check out what’s happening in Hollywood and the land…

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Create your own Fashion Style – Look and Observe!

A really good way to get different ideas for your own Fashion Style, is to just simply observe people and what they are wearing. If you do this, discreetly of course, then you can train your eye as to what…

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The Parka

One piece of outerwear that repeatedly comes to us every year is the Parka. Either as a Jacket or a coat, the parka has been adapted since its original 1970’s version with that bright orange lining. Designers have widened this…

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