How the fashion industry is changing at a swift pace

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Sometimes it seems like the fashions change overnight. You just got the latest trendy pair of trousers or dress and now something else is the hot new thing. Why can't things just stay the same for a while? There are many driving forces behind the evolution of fashion and a particular designer trend as well as a variety of reasons why it's constantly changing. Maybe you're simply curious or perhaps you have a career in the field. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you understand what's happening.

Fast Fashion

There was a time when the fashion trends ran on a pretty consistent schedule. Fall fashion shows presented the upcoming spring styles with some ready to wear pieces seen on the rich and famous before the rest of the items hit store shelves. With the ever increasing demand for "right now" fashion, many brands have taken the latest fashion trend and recreated it faster and cheaper so consumers can buy it immediately. This isn't necessarily taking away from the big names and their usual customers, but it is making consumers see that they have other options from smaller and cheaper brand names.

Spending Habits

In today's society, many people are increasingly seeking out fashion that aligns with current trends, but that doesn't cost as much. Any famous designer will showcase the latest styles, but at prices that are considerably higher than what you can find on some store shelves. Many people watch the fashion shows, but never have any intention of purchasing due to the cost. In a world where people are looking for streetwear, casual looks and formal attire that doesn't break the bank, "copycat" fashion appears to be taking over. Most designers aren't seeing a dramatic downturn in their customer base, but some people may be spending big on some items, but turning to smaller names for other items to round out their wardrobe, especially with things that might not stay in fashion for more than one season.

Out of Season Syncing

As you might have guessed, see now, buy now fashion is taking the industry by storm. Buyers no longer want to wait through two seasons to purchase the items they see on runways. But that means that store shelves can often be seen selling items that are out of season - sweaters in July and swimsuits in March, for example. So, in essence, people are seeing items they want to buy immediately, but are not always able to wear those pieces right away. That doesn't seem to be stopping them from wanting to add them to their closets immediately, however, rather than waiting until they hit racks on a traditional schedule.

Considering the Pandemic

Much like other industries, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is also playing a role in the changing fashion world. The biggest change is the move to virtual fashion shows and online buying. Without being able to attend runway events or shop in stores, designers are quickly getting creative and showcasing their latest trends virtually. They are then putting their pieces on sale on their website, where customers can buy their favourites and have them delivered right to their homes. While this likely won't last forever, it may be that fashion designers and their loyal consumers might decide they like this and incorporate it into their business model, long after the pandemic ends and things return to normal.

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