Create your own Fashion Style – Look and Observe!

Published on : 12 April 20202 min reading time

A really good way to get different ideas for your own Fashion Style, is to just simply observe people and what they are wearing. If you do this,
discreetly of course, then you can train your eye as to what is a good fashion idea, and so utilize these ideas in building your own fashion wardrobe.
Observing people and what they are wearing can be a fun game as well. As a lot of Fashion that’s followed is a reflection of the person and their mood and
character, you can then experiment with attempting to guess what sort of personality the person has, or even what mood they’re in!

If you go to a large shopping mall for example, this would be an excellent location to be able to observe the various styles and fashion trends that
are going on around you all the time. A shopping mall also gives you the added advantage of being able to see what is on offer in the retail sector
itself as well. There are usually a wide variety of clothing stores as well as fashion boutiques available to window-shop with in a shopping mall. You
can also take a time-out break for a leisurely coffee, and a chat with friends, whenever you want.

You can also just casually get into conversation with fellow shoppers about their fashion buys, as well as striking up conversations with the usually
very helpful shop assistants in the stores and boutiques. In the boutiques you will usually find the younger person flitting in and out, as these are
usually the more “hip” and cutting edge of fashion type stores. The young people using these stores are likely to be wearing the newest styles. You
must alway try to walk away from this sort of exploration and experience with your check book still intact, but with your mind full of different ideas
to use in building and creating your own fashion look.

When exploring in order to create your own look and add to your fashion wardrobe, you are doing something that is personal to you, and it is important
and crucial that you be yourself! The idea is that you retain your own methods and ideas and personality in your clothing options, but these are
created by your ability to look and observe!

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