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As Human Beings, we are always looking at ourselves through the eyes of others, or at least attempting to do so, in order to carry off the ideal image that we wish others to have of us. This however, can cause a lot of distortion in how one sees oneself. Unless one really takes the time necessary and makes the effort to know about and to use the “do’s and dont’s” of fashion, the avarage person is liable to make all sorts of mistakes in the way that they dress and in their overall appearance and image. There are several very obvious rules, that are really simple common sense ones when you look at them closely, such as: If you’ve got lovely legs, don’t hide them – and that “axiomatic tenet” goes for any and all good features that a person may have. If you are a pear shape with a large behind, don’t wear tight fighting jeans and skirts. If you are an apple and so are broad and big around the middle, then wear darker colors on top, and so on. It is very important to know what these basic rules are, without any need to pander to the demands of either vanity or self abnegation; just an honest self appraisal is what is required. Most women, these days, will have some good friends who they know well and know they can trust, and these can be turned to if the person has any doubts or uncertainties as to their best features! This seems to be one of those classic “differences” between men and women, however. Most men do not share this sort of opinion and info with their fellow man! The Women of the world are really doing a kindness by helping them out in this area, and most wives and girlfriends, of the modern age, will usually wear this “hat” for their men. And remember, it isn’t at all necessary for you to have the body of the latest supermodel. True Fashion is about a lot more than that! What is important for you, is that you make the best of what you’ve got, and follow the few key basic Fashion rules that exist for your body type. The impression that you give to others will then be a true representation of you, as you are, but in the best light. You really can make a difference by looking into the world of Fashion and finding out what you can do for yourself. Taking up this Fashion Challenge is just a matter of caring enough about yourself. And remember, there are always several “you’s” that you are dressing for, depending on WHO you are dressing for! True Fashion is a matter of catering for all the various “looks” that are available to you, the Fashionee! When you wish to impress at the office, then find out what works for you and your body shape in that environment and then apply it, and when you want to play in the bedroom – ditto! Just as it says in the title of this article:-
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