The Body Shape

There is something, that every single one of us, man, woman and child, on Planet Earth, has in common: we all have bodies! Yes, I know, I am stating the obvious, but the strange and very remarkable thing is – that not one of these bodies are identical. Not even identical twins are truly identical! This is very strange when you look at animal life generally on this planet,for whether it be bird, beast or fish; the fact is, to our eyes, they all look identical. This is why some parents in the past (or so I’m led to believe) have even managed to swindle their darling little Diana’s into believing that Hammy the Hampster is still alive and well and celebrating his umpteenth birthday – long after the original had been dearly departed years ago! This is where Fashion comes in! (No, nothing to do with Hamsters!) Fashion and your Body Shape – this is one of the unspoken secrets of the rich and famous. Why do they (usually) look so good? It’s because, they, or someone they’ve paid, has ensured that they have always taken their Body Shape into account, when buying clothes and when putting an “outfit” together. By outfit, we mean, the “whole look,” clothes, hat, belt, shoes and accessories down to the smallest detail. Taking into account, the person’s body size and shape, may seem very obvious in itself at first, but there are a surprising amount of people who just don’t do this!You can always use fashion to disguise your true self: turning a sober conservative into an exhibitionist vamp, or vice versa, a vamp into a conservative – all through choice of clothing. Personal fashion statements can very easily be made with clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, and hairstyles. Fashion is an endless popularity parade after all – you are attempting to put what you have as “natural assets” into the best light possible.The first step toward achieving this is to find out what body shape you are and then use that knowledge to disguise your flaws and show off the best features of your body. The four basic, common body shapes are pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. Probably the most common type around is pear. Each one of these can be dealt with though, it’s not a matter for any embarrassment – just take the practical and pragmatic approach – whatever body type you have – first thing to do is to be aware of it – the next is to dress accordingly!
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