Fashion for the modern women in these enlightened days, is a fashion for all! It is no longer just the preserve of the few rich and famous, at the supposedly illustrious heights of society. For many centuries, it is true, that expensive, well designed, high quality material, clothing and accessories, were only to be found adorning those who ruled the masses. The Kings and Queens and their Courts and Nobles and such; however, those days are long, long gone, and are never to return! Today’s modern 21st Century woman, has more choice and availability of really good, well designed clothing, than ever before. It’s not just a matter of following the top Fashion Houses and Designer’s either, as although this is always something a wise “fashionista” will do, there are many different sorts of outlets and ways of acquiring a a really well thought out wardrobe. The range of styles, colours, patterns and accessories is enormous, and these can be found from the Cat Walk down to the Charity Shop! This means, that getting the right fashion for you is even more fun than ever! Every woman wants to look their best and even fulfil their dreams of looking and feeling beautiful – with today’s fashion the average woman can now realize those dreams, and that’s now true for just about every woman there is! Fashion of course includes, clothes, cosmetics, perfume, jewellery, hairstyles and accessories, and all these are factors that today’s modern women takes into account when embarking on the adventure of finding out the “fashion” that best suits them. Modern Fashion is no longer just for the “Perfect Ten”, the “Jet-Set” and “Royalty” – today’s Fashion really can make us all feel like Kings and Queens. Being “Fashion Conscious” really means, knowing what you like and what likes you! In other words, what flatters you and your best features best, and what also de-intensifies any areas of weakness in your body shape and image. Women in general, much more than men, tend to be fashion conscious, and will be the ones who will spend most of their time in buying clothes that are in vogue, and are considered “in.” This in itself is fine, but there is also the sense of being “Fashion Conscious” in the way of what clothes and styles suit your particular body shape and complexion and such. The Fashion industry will now never ever lose the fantastic ground it’s made over the recent centuries, and especially over the last 100 years! There are just too many people from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities, who are now “in the know” and so “spoilt” for life, with the grand array and constant parade of styles and “looks” of Modern Fashion that are on offer every year!