5 best websites for unique style

We know of the main stream websites that satisfies our need for that fashion fix but are we all just looking in the same place? Here are some of the best websites to find some of the most unusual and unique fashion finds. ŸEtsy.com - The Craft based website where fashion designers with their own sawing machines create their own collection for affordable prices. Ebay.com - EBay is great for all those little deals and bargains at a fraction of the high street prices Very.co.uk – Home to Fearne Cotton’s line, Pixie lott fronting Lipsy and great value shoes that will have every girl logging on line Ÿ ASOS.com – From their on trend denim to their high fashion, ASOS is great for valve and quality. Ÿ Chockersshoes.co.uk – For every girl who has a weakness for shoes, Chockers have all the top trend styles of the season at reasonable prices.
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