Fashion Hot Spots!

Globally speaking of course – there are certain Fashion Hot Spots, that the media at large and all those in the know, in and outside of the fashion business, take note of. They are the centres of what is looked upon as the “latest and greatest in taste and attire!” Any commodity at all can and does have its leading exponents and most esteemed brands, whether it be cigars, you can think Cuban, or Sunny Holidays, think Spain, or for Wine, think France; these are the “agreed” perceived leaders in that particular market. The same applies to the world of Fashion, itself; the world of the glitz and glam of what is considered the best and finest in quality and innovation and inventiveness in what we can wear – or sometimes – what we wish we could wear! There is always an element of fantasy at work in any creative field, and fashion has more than its fair share in showing people their fantasies, embodied as it were! Whether practical or not, is not the point here the fashion houses and the fashion shows, also fulfil a wish fulfilment function for those looking for ways to make the best of themselves and their appearance. When a Fashion House is preparing for a new “Season” they will be working usually at least six months ahead of that season. They will be planning their “look” with their designers, way ahead of the time of the fashion shows they put on to present their designer collections. The press, in way of magazines, papers and audio visual outlets, will then get to work give them the media coverage for the fashion designs and styles that they think their readership will be interested in and hopefully excited by. The “Season” is further aided by the endorsement of designer’s collections by the rich and famous. Big Celebrities do a raging trade for fashion, by their endorsement of products, and this is still very much the case with Clothing Fashions. Getting a “Name” on board, seen to wear or even praise your creations, is a designer’s dream. Through, Film Stars, Pop Stars, Sports Stars; Fashions are supported and forwarded very quickly into the public realm. So, where then, are the world’s Fashion Hot Spots? Most people in the business currently would agree that New York, Paris and Milan are considered the major centres for designers and manufacturers of fashion, in clothing and accessories. They could still be considered the Big Three. However, fashions change! There are very vibrant and exciting Fashion Centres alive and flourishing in London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Sydney. But in the end, ultimately, it is where you are, the consumer, that creates the Fashion Hot Spots – it is you who will decide what is the “in” place to look to, for your ideas in fashion!
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