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Fashion plays a big part in the life of today’s teenager. As one grows up, one becomes ever increasingly aware of the “fashion” choices that exist all around. These “choices” are what define the teenager as a person, and an individual in their own right, to themselves and to their peers and others. It can be all too easy for adults to forget the process that they went through themselves when teenagers, of becoming adults, through defining their maturing personalities, in part, by their fashion choices. Each and every person, as they are growing up, asks themselves, “What do I want to look like?” “Who do I want to emulate?” and even “What can I get away with!” Following what is reportedly the latest fashion, they will want to experiment with it, and to find out what is the most comfortable and meaningful for them, as their very own personal fashion statement. What do we mean by fashion? The term, “fashion,” usually applies to the currently accepted and admired mode of expression, in dress and appearance. As a teenager, one is trying out things and seeing what fits, for them. Teenagers, generally, tend to be trend followers, more than trend setters, but this doesn’t rule out there being some very expressive, individual, independent and experimental outfits, that some teenagers will attempt. Showing the world just how “in fashion” you are though, is something most teenagers develop an interest in and commonly do so by following what they see in magazines, on T.V. or in Movies. This is where the whole subject of “Role Models” comes in. Although, it is true that teenagers are particularly susceptible to being influenced by those they deem as “celebrities,” usually Pop Stars and Movie Stars, and such, it is also true that “Peer Pressure” is a force to be reckoned with in the shaping of a teenagers ideas and choices about fashion. This is quite understandable, as with all of us, there is a real and definite desire and urge to belong and to be accepted. A teenager, successfully impressing his or her peers, by their fashion choices, is one that feels they have been “approved” of in some way.However, whenever you have the chance, you should always try and allow a teenager to freely express themselves, as an individual, and not just to follow the pack. After all, this is really what makes the whole subject of fashion such fun! Let them be young and excited and get creative about “accessorizing” for themselves as well – experimenting with styles and colours as well as with bracelets, beads, bands, clasps, jewellery, make-up and hairstyles. Teenagers can combine these in whatever way they choose to create a unique and particular style that’s truly all their own!Fashion for Teens should be Fashion for Fun!
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