The Internet, the new fashion fore-front

Fashion has always been feed through glossy magazines, fashion shows and retail stores but now with the internet becoming more and more depended upon, fashion can be accessed at all times. With fashion blogging at an all-time high, Twitter sending updates to your phone and face book having fashion based fan pages, it’s hard to avoid the industry when you can just log on line and get all the latest gossip and news from the hottest brands. is a popular site and a bible for some fashionista’s and with Fashion week pictures hitting the website the day after the show which proves how quick and easy it is to be up to date on all the information of the latest events. Blogging is a great way to learn your writing technique and discover new ways of reaching fashion lovers on different levels. It proves that being a blogger can access the fashion event and also build a profile for yourself in the public eye. Susie Bubble is a blogger who has a fair amount of press coverage and also attended the ELLE style awards which proves that you don’t have to be a big name with a big fashion CV to be noticed in the fashion world. Susie’s Website is fairly basic but using a blog-based website anybody who loves fashion can create their own blog and be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge creates a name for themselves. You tube has also helped create excitement for Fashion shows and designers who can uploads their latest collections and give fans an extra piece of the fashion pie that you don’t need to be the editor of Vogue to see.
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