Fashion advice for beginners: how to be fashionable on a daily basis?

Being stylish is easier than it has ever been before

Buy better clotehs and transform your look over time without breaking the bank.

Learn to be fashionable

Yes, you can definitely learn how to be stylish and elegant! Follow our guide.

Choose the right clothes

To help you get the most out of your body without going on a diet.

Size and clothing

Our fashion tricks that will give the illusion that you are taller.

Be distinctive

A new coolness made of small, easy and well thought out detailsg…

We are unconditional fashion lovers

The time has come for a more practical seduction, a more active freshness, a fashion in tune with today’s world. Whether you are a real fashionista or you just follow the latest trends from time to time, we’ll show you a few tricks to be even more on the cutting edge of fashion. As unconditional fashion fans ourselves, it’s important for us to share with you a few tips to get you stylish in just a few seconds. By simply putting on a white shirt, strapping on a denim jacket or mixing a dress with sneakers, we reveal a few recommendations to adopt on the spot for an edifying look!

Navy blue and black

Combine black with navy blue, a chic and trendy colour.

The monochrome look

Go for a monochrome and neutral palette such as nude, grey or navy blue.

Long coats

The longer the coat, the taller and thinner you’ll look.

High waist pants

They instantly refine the waist and lengthen the legs.

Fashion craftiness for men

In terms of fashionf, the only rule is to break codes, but it is important to do it correctly. For example, wearing a shirt when you are slightly overweight can make your body look disproportionate depending on how you wear it.

Other fashion tips can help you find the perfect look you’re aiming for! Here, we’d like to share with you some crucial tips that men should consider to look both stylish and nonchalant.

What are you going to wear today?

We all wonder how we’re going to dress when we get up in the morning, and it’s not always as easy as we think to find our happiness, even in the fullest closet in the universe. You have to find clothes that goes with the mood of the day and then match them together. And that’s where it gets tricky! We’ll help you a little, just follow the guide!

Varying the colours

We’lle tell you about the basic masculine colours that go with everything!

Clothes that fit your body

Choose clothing that follows your body’s lines is essential!

Choose the right materials

Avoid acrylic and polyester and go for natural materials such as cotton.

Don’t try to be someone else

Your look should always match your character and lifestyle.

Don’t forget to have fun!

It’s all about having fun getting dressed and choosing your clothes. Some people are addicted to shopping while others would do without, while enjoying having clothes that look like them. Whether you go reluctantly or for the love of shopping, you have to go for it if you want to enjoy wearing all the beautiful pieces you’ve chosen!

So be motivated like never before! It’s a long road, strewn with pitfalls and hidden traps! If you need support, our men’s fashion blog is here to help you! More on missfraulein.com!

DIY fashion ideas

We have also gathered some important tips for you in order to have a look that changes every day without spending a penny. What do all these fashion tips have in common? They’re all simple and easy to do at home. Yes, fashion made by yourself! So the next time you feel lost in front of your closet and don’t know what to wear, these fashion tips may help.

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